22 Aug

Over 45 More Physicians Certified to Recommend Medical Cannabis in Ohio

On Wednesday, July 11, the State Medical Board of Ohio certified 46 more physicians to recommend medical cannabis to patients in the state. This brings the number to 185 doctors in total since April approved to authorize patients to use medical in the state. Patients can look up all 185 doctors’ names and contact information on a searchable online database updated after each monthly meeting of the state medical board anytime they add new doctors to its list of approved medical physicians in Ohio.

In order to be approved to recommend medical cannabis to patients in Ohio, a physician must first take two continuing education credit hours on the subjects of cannabis use and each of the medical conditions qualifying for medical recommendation in Ohio. Anytime an approved physician recommends medical to a patient, he or she is required to certify several facts, namely:

  • The physician has a genuine doctor-patient relationship with the patient.
  • The patient has been diagnosed with a medical conditions that qualifies for medical in Ohio.
  • The two have discussed the benefits and risks of using medical.
  • The physician has looked over the medical history of the patient in the Ohio state database of controlled substances.

To make this service easier to manage with an even faster-growing list of medical patients in the state, physicians in Ohio and elsewhere can now make use of electronic medical records (EMR) software like DrGreenSoft. When Ohio begins opening medical dispensaries, still a few months away, free software like DrGreenSoft will help doctors meet their responsibilities to patients and the Ohio medical board alike.

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