17 Aug

Medical “Flowers” Finally Legal for Sale in Pennsylvania Dispensaries

Medical patients in Pennsylvania can finally buy “dry leaf” legally in the state. Also known as “bud” and “flower”, this form of, commonly thought of as “smokable”, is the most familiar to most medical and recreational users. It also tends to be the most affordable variety, in comparison with the only the forms previously allowed like edibles, lotions, pills and tinctures. These other forms of medical cannabis are all highly processed, however, whereas buds are not processed at all, making them a “purer” and, therefore, more preferred form of the medicine in many users’ minds. flowers, however, need not be smoked exclusively; they can also be vaporized, or “vaped”, a method far safer for the lungs and other bodily systems than smoking.

At the 16 medical cannabis dispensaries currently in operation in Pennsylvania like Abington’s TerraVida Holistic Center, scores of people showed up on August 1, the first day dry leaf cannabis was legally available for purchase in the state, to be among the first to acquire some. The first dispensary in Pennsylvania to offer dry leaf medical for sale was Keystone Shops in King of Prussia, which opened its doors at one minute after midnight that morning. The facility even held a party in its parking lot to celebrate the new law with a DJ and free hoagies and pizza.

Lines wrapped around buildings and blocks before dispensaries even opened their doors for the day, some dispensary managers even handing out doughnuts to the patiently-waiting patients. By midday, many strains of medical cannabis in flower form, with names like Princess Leia, Mob Boss, Lemon G., Hash Haze and Star Killer, were already out of stock. Some dispensaries, like Fishtown’s Restore Integrative Wellness Center, implemented purchase maximums on dry leaf cannabis, in its case 15 grams per week, to keep the medicine available in this form to as many patients who need it as possible. The state only allows each licensed medical dispensary to carry 15 pounds of dry leaf cannabis in stock.

The allowing of legal medical cannabis sales in flower form is bound to only increase the number of eligible patients interested in obtaining a doctor’s authorization and patronizing medical dispensaries in the state who formerly were not doing so because they were not as interested in the other legally available forms. As such, physicians recommending medical cannabis in the state could use whatever help they can get managing their growing lists of authorized medical patients and those patients’ medical records. DrGreenSoft (https://drgreensoft.com/) offers such assistance to physicians with its free Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software exclusively built for medical physicians. In addition to enabling medical doctors to create, maintain and manage patient EMRs, the software also serves as a patient portal, point of sale system, online office with smart calendar and marketing and customer relations management system.

Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program launched in the middle of February, 2018. Already, more than 32,000 patients have been certified by the PA Department of Health to purchase and use medical in the state

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