08 Nov

Medical doctors will be in great demand in Michigan software emr

Medical doctors will be in great demand in Michigan in the very near future with the medical industry in the state expected to generate between $325 million and $425 million in its first year. Demand for medical doctors to provide patient authorizations, like the demand for medical itself, is expected to be so high that product shortages and lack of availability to patients in need are likely to result. Such problems could lead to a surge in the black market for illegal sales.

The solutions to these potential problems are multifold. They include greater numbers of business licenses issued by the state to permit more medical growers and distributors to operate above board and an increase in the number of medical doctors in practice issuing patient authorizations. So far, only 16 business licenses have been issued in the entire state of Michigan for the scope of medical services. Only seven of these licenses are for medical dispensaries. Any businesses operating in the medical sphere by September 15, 2018 are supposed to shut down and cease operations, according to current state regulations.

Approximately 290,000 patients are expected to have or obtain doctor authorizations to use medical in the next year. Even more will be eligible for authorizations but unable to obtain them, often through inaccessibility of medical doctors near them. This gives Michigan the second largest medical patient base of all legal medical states in the country. Any licensed physician is eligible to issue medical patient authorizations under state law. Helping these medical doctors manage their growing pools of patients and keep proper track of their care are free software programs like DrGreenSoft.

Concerns doctors and legislators have about the appeals of the black market to medical patients is its lack of limits of purchase amounts or hours of operation, the addition of taxes on pricing and tracking of sales and patient data. Medical doctors can help thwart the temptations of the black market by helping patients to more easily and safely access legal medical and incorporate it into their larger treatment program. EMR software like DrGreenSoft helps doctors to provide patients with that comfort and confidence that comes from including in their larger health and wellness program. Medical can also educate their patients about the risks and dangers of black market versus legal medical such as the sheer absence of quality controls in black market.

Physicians wishing to help their patients integrate medical into their care plans can find enormous aid through the tools free software for doctors provides, such as multiple location management, electronic signatures and forms, secure online patient portals and automated data backup. DrGreenSoft also provides medical doctors with all Michigan state medical forms and exam forms as well as an online office in which to offer telemedicine sessions.

As investors from out of state target Michigan for its medical industry, local legislators scramble to keep up with newly revised rules to accommodate the rapid changes in this burgeoning industry. This will lead more and more patients to rely on their medical doctors to help them navigate this every-changing climate and keep their medical authorizations in good legal standing.

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