22 Nov

Medical doctors in Utah can now use Drgreensoft software

Among the results of the 2018 midterm elections was the passage of Proposition 2 legalizing medical in the state of Utah. Utah now joins over 30 other states in allowing its residents to access medical legally with a doctor’s authorization. In order to gain the support of the Mormon church in Utah, however, it was agreed the measure as written would be slightly changed. Among the changes: medical edibles will not be allowed under the law, as they may appeal to kids, and patients will not be permitted to grow their own medical.

With a doctor’s authorization, patients will be issued a special state ID card allowing them to by up to two ounces of cannabis and cannabis products containing up to 10 grams of the active ingredients THC or CBD within any two-week period. Patients will also be allowed to designate caregivers to help them procure and use medical. One activity the newly passed law does not permit, however, is the smoking of, even for legitimate medical purposes.

The state legislature will iron out the rest of the final details in early December of 2018. The measure was put on the ballot by the Utah Patients Coalition and passed with approximately 53 percent of the vote. This, in spite of opposition from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Utah Medical Association and the Utah Chiefs of Police Association. Utah State Governor Gary Herbert (R) is now expected to make good on his pledge to make access available to patients before year’s end via a special legislative session. Until the state begins issuing medical ID cards, however, the initiative creates a viable defense for qualifying patients charged with possession or use of during this period.

The need for doctors’ authorizations to get access to medical in Utah means doctors in Utah can start providing these recommendations to their patients. The demand for medical doctors in Utah is sure to be enormous, if the numbers in other states recently passing medical legislation are any indication. Helping doctors to manage this surge in patient demand and comply with state laws regarding medical and its authorization is DrGreenSoft software and similar products.

Software like DrGreenSoft helps orient doctors to all the requirements for themselves and their patients to help those patients access medical safely and legally. It includes the forms doctors need to fill out for the state and regulations regarding access and usage to share with their patients. In addition, DrGreenSoft makes handling this rising demand easier by serving as a digital office and patient portal, with HIPPA compliant point of sale and electronic records management systems built in. Using DrGreenSoft, doctors and patients can schedule appointments, communicate and store patient records, all securely. For doctors who process less than 30 patients per month, it completely free to use DrGreenSoft. Even with the paid option for heavier patient loads, there is still no risk or obligation.

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