Today's transaction page

Don’t let any transaction to slip away. Today’s transactions page is designed to keep track of every single transaction of the day. It shows income and expenses, physician who provided service, wether referral chosen, receipt printed etc.

Calendar & appointment widget

Every office created in drgreensoft comes with an appointment widget that can be easily inserted to your website. All appointments booked will synchronize with drgreensoft’s calendar. Front desk staff can also make an appointment manually. In both scenarios patients get SMS confirmation with date and time of the appointment and the address of the office. Patients can also fill out intake questionnaire on their device and sign any requested forms.

Patients tab

Within drgreensoft every patient has a personal profile where all necessary information is being stored as well as any documents. Such data is automatically backed up in the Amazon cloud. You can search patients by their name, state ID number, passport, SSN, state MMJ card number or even phone number or email.


You can track your employees hours within Drgreensoft. Each user has a unique PIN code that can be used to clock in and clock out among other things.


The system generates variety of reports such as marketing performance, top sales inventory and top sales products. It stores a history of invoices, amount of patients seen etc.


You can generate templates and mail out promotions via SMS or email with personalized data. Use #patient name, #expiration date any many more shortcodes. You can create templates for different promotions.


Each account requires initial set up. There should be at least one user type Doctor and at least one office (office can be virtual if you only do telemedicine).


The system supports multiple location management. You can create as many offices and needed. There are two types of offices. Regular and online office


There are 3 types of users. Admin, Front Desk and Doctor.
Each user has Access control list where admin can set up their level of access. There are features to protect patient database, financial data, restrictions per location and much more.


There are two types of inventory services and additional products.

Telemedicine suite

There is an option to set up online office and accept patients via video conference.
In this case patients are required to register their own portal, fill out paperless intake form, select package. Payments can be made online upon approval.


You can set up referral channels and keep track which ones work best. Among standard referrals are Google, Yelp, Weedmaps etc.

Other features

Scanner plug in
Allows the software to communicate with your scanner and save documents directly into EMR.

Paperless forms

We encourage our clients to go paperless.
We offer paperless physician evaluation form and any existing patient intake form can be imported free of charge.

Patient verification

In some states like California physicians have to have their own patient verification tool. Dispensaries or law enforcement can verify such patient directly on your website.


Physician evaluation form is designed to satisfy major requirements towards physicians when recommending medical. It consists of :
A) demographics, social history and cannabis experience
B) current medical condition, prescription monitoring history and abuse potential
C) medication list
D) prior treatment review
E) physical exam
F) diagnosis
G) medical treatment plan
Doctors can eSign such form using personal PIN code. Physician signature and pin code can be set up in user settings.


There are different forms and templates that can be attached to an inventory.
Example :
Physician state form that needs to be filled out for each patient can be attached to an inventory New Recommendation. Such form will be generated each time this inventory is being added. This form will also be populated with data taken from patient profile, doctor profile, office profile.

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