22 Nov 2018

Medical doctors in Utah can now use Drgreensoft software

Among the results of the 2018 midterm elections was the passage of Proposition 2 legalizing medical in the state of Utah. Utah now joins over 30 other states in allowing its residents to access medical legally with a doctor’s authorization. In order to gain the support of the Mormon church in Utah, however, it was agreed the measure as written would be slightly changed. Among the changes: medical edibles will not be allowed under the law, as they may appeal to kids, and patients will not be permitted to grow their own medical.

With a doctor’s authorization, patients will be issued a special state ID card allowing them to by up to two ounces of cannabis and cannabis products containing up to 10 grams of the active ingredients THC or CBD within any two-week period. Patients will also be allowed to designate caregivers to help them procure and use medical. One activity the newly passed law does not permit, however, is the smoking of, even for legitimate medical purposes.

The state legislature will iron out the rest of the final details in early December of 2018. The measure was put on the ballot by the Utah Patients Coalition and passed with approximately 53 percent of the vote. This, in spite of opposition from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Utah Medical Association and the Utah Chiefs of Police Association. Utah State Governor Gary Herbert (R) is now expected to make good on his pledge to make access available to patients before year’s end via a special legislative session. Until the state begins issuing medical ID cards, however, the initiative creates a viable defense for qualifying patients charged with possession or use of during this period.

The need for doctors’ authorizations to get access to medical in Utah means doctors in Utah can start providing these recommendations to their patients. The demand for medical doctors in Utah is sure to be enormous, if the numbers in other states recently passing medical legislation are any indication. Helping doctors to manage this surge in patient demand and comply with state laws regarding medical and its authorization is DrGreenSoft software and similar products.

Software like DrGreenSoft helps orient doctors to all the requirements for themselves and their patients to help those patients access medical safely and legally. It includes the forms doctors need to fill out for the state and regulations regarding access and usage to share with their patients. In addition, DrGreenSoft makes handling this rising demand easier by serving as a digital office and patient portal, with HIPPA compliant point of sale and electronic records management systems built in. Using DrGreenSoft, doctors and patients can schedule appointments, communicate and store patient records, all securely. For doctors who process less than 30 patients per month, it completely free to use DrGreenSoft. Even with the paid option for heavier patient loads, there is still no risk or obligation.

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19 Nov 2018

Missouri Passes Medical and MMJ doctors are in demand

On November 6, 2018, Missouri voters faced three different ballot measures approving medical in the state. Voters passed one of those three measures, Constitutional Amendment 2, making Missouri the 32nd state in the U.S. to legalize medical cannabis. The amendment will allow physicians to prescribe for 10 different medical conditions. It will also allow qualified patients to grow their own medical.

The measure passed with 65 percent of the vote after 3,066 precincts of 3,256 were counted. Medical will be taxed 4%, proceeds applying to fund military veteran services. The medical industry in Missouri is expected to produce approximately $24 million per year for the state. Other propositions, one for producing a medical cannabis research institution and the other proposing a different tax and legal structure for the new law, both failed to pass. Amendment 2 passed with over 1.5 million votes, more than any other proposition or candidate on the midterm 2018 Missouri ballot. Clearly, medical is popular in Missouri, a fact of which doctors practicing in the state are surely taking notice.

To access medical in Missouri, patients will need to secure a letter from a physician certifying their medical qualifications to use medically. This places doctors in Missouri in a unique position in which a swelling demand is imminent. Only approximately 50 out of 109 doctors responding to a 2016 Kansas City Medical Society survey said they would recommend medical if it were legal to do so. This means the demand for medical doctors in the state will be even greater than it otherwise would be if all doctors participated. To help those doctors interested in serving this rising need meet the demand are a variety of new organizations and services. For example, Missouri Medical was created after the amendment’s passage to produce an internet-based directory of medical doctors and dispensaries in the state. Another powerful resource for doctors interested in participating in Missouri’s budding new medical industry are software tools like DrGreenSoft.

DrGreenSoft is a multi-faceted software tool providing doctors with a combination of electronic medical records, point of sale and virtual office services. As an electronic medical records system, DrGreenSoft helps doctors to manage an increasing pool of patients and track their diagnoses, treatments and progress. It offers electronic forms and signatures, including all required state medical forms, and features 24/7 patient verification online. Data can be automatically backed up. As a point of sale system, DrGreenSoft enables doctors to invoice patients and accept payments. As a virtual office, DrGreenSoft avails doctors of a digital calendar, scanner integration, an employee time clock and online office for telemedicine appointments. Patients also get access to a private online portal where they can schedule, cancel and change appointment and request calls from their doctor. The software even includes marketing and CRM tools to help doctors track referrals and distribute email and text message promotions. DrGreenSoft software is fully HIPAA compliant, cloud-based and secure. It is compatible with all devices and can be used in multiple locations. Doctors can start using DrGreenSoft for free.

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08 Nov 2018

Medical doctors will be in great demand in Michigan software emr

Medical doctors will be in great demand in Michigan in the very near future with the medical industry in the state expected to generate between $325 million and $425 million in its first year. Demand for medical doctors to provide patient authorizations, like the demand for medical itself, is expected to be so high that product shortages and lack of availability to patients in need are likely to result. Such problems could lead to a surge in the black market for illegal sales.

The solutions to these potential problems are multifold. They include greater numbers of business licenses issued by the state to permit more medical growers and distributors to operate above board and an increase in the number of medical doctors in practice issuing patient authorizations. So far, only 16 business licenses have been issued in the entire state of Michigan for the scope of medical services. Only seven of these licenses are for medical dispensaries. Any businesses operating in the medical sphere by September 15, 2018 are supposed to shut down and cease operations, according to current state regulations.

Approximately 290,000 patients are expected to have or obtain doctor authorizations to use medical in the next year. Even more will be eligible for authorizations but unable to obtain them, often through inaccessibility of medical doctors near them. This gives Michigan the second largest medical patient base of all legal medical states in the country. Any licensed physician is eligible to issue medical patient authorizations under state law. Helping these medical doctors manage their growing pools of patients and keep proper track of their care are free software programs like DrGreenSoft.

Concerns doctors and legislators have about the appeals of the black market to medical patients is its lack of limits of purchase amounts or hours of operation, the addition of taxes on pricing and tracking of sales and patient data. Medical doctors can help thwart the temptations of the black market by helping patients to more easily and safely access legal medical and incorporate it into their larger treatment program. EMR software like DrGreenSoft helps doctors to provide patients with that comfort and confidence that comes from including in their larger health and wellness program. Medical can also educate their patients about the risks and dangers of black market versus legal medical such as the sheer absence of quality controls in black market.

Physicians wishing to help their patients integrate medical into their care plans can find enormous aid through the tools free software for doctors provides, such as multiple location management, electronic signatures and forms, secure online patient portals and automated data backup. DrGreenSoft also provides medical doctors with all Michigan state medical forms and exam forms as well as an online office in which to offer telemedicine sessions.

As investors from out of state target Michigan for its medical industry, local legislators scramble to keep up with newly revised rules to accommodate the rapid changes in this burgeoning industry. This will lead more and more patients to rely on their medical doctors to help them navigate this every-changing climate and keep their medical authorizations in good legal standing.

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