22 Aug 2018

Over 45 More Physicians Certified to Recommend Medical Cannabis in Ohio

On Wednesday, July 11, the State Medical Board of Ohio certified 46 more physicians to recommend medical cannabis to patients in the state. This brings the number to 185 doctors in total since April approved to authorize patients to use medical in the state. Patients can look up all 185 doctors’ names and contact information on a searchable online database updated after each monthly meeting of the state medical board anytime they add new doctors to its list of approved medical physicians in Ohio.

In order to be approved to recommend medical cannabis to patients in Ohio, a physician must first take two continuing education credit hours on the subjects of cannabis use and each of the medical conditions qualifying for medical recommendation in Ohio. Anytime an approved physician recommends medical to a patient, he or she is required to certify several facts, namely:

  • The physician has a genuine doctor-patient relationship with the patient.
  • The patient has been diagnosed with a medical conditions that qualifies for medical in Ohio.
  • The two have discussed the benefits and risks of using medical.
  • The physician has looked over the medical history of the patient in the Ohio state database of controlled substances.

To make this service easier to manage with an even faster-growing list of medical patients in the state, physicians in Ohio and elsewhere can now make use of electronic medical records (EMR) software like DrGreenSoft. When Ohio begins opening medical dispensaries, still a few months away, free software like DrGreenSoft will help doctors meet their responsibilities to patients and the Ohio medical board alike.

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17 Aug 2018

Medical “Flowers” Finally Legal for Sale in Pennsylvania Dispensaries

Medical patients in Pennsylvania can finally buy “dry leaf” legally in the state. Also known as “bud” and “flower”, this form of, commonly thought of as “smokable”, is the most familiar to most medical and recreational users. It also tends to be the most affordable variety, in comparison with the only the forms previously allowed like edibles, lotions, pills and tinctures. These other forms of medical cannabis are all highly processed, however, whereas buds are not processed at all, making them a “purer” and, therefore, more preferred form of the medicine in many users’ minds. flowers, however, need not be smoked exclusively; they can also be vaporized, or “vaped”, a method far safer for the lungs and other bodily systems than smoking.

At the 16 medical cannabis dispensaries currently in operation in Pennsylvania like Abington’s TerraVida Holistic Center, scores of people showed up on August 1, the first day dry leaf cannabis was legally available for purchase in the state, to be among the first to acquire some. The first dispensary in Pennsylvania to offer dry leaf medical for sale was Keystone Shops in King of Prussia, which opened its doors at one minute after midnight that morning. The facility even held a party in its parking lot to celebrate the new law with a DJ and free hoagies and pizza.

Lines wrapped around buildings and blocks before dispensaries even opened their doors for the day, some dispensary managers even handing out doughnuts to the patiently-waiting patients. By midday, many strains of medical cannabis in flower form, with names like Princess Leia, Mob Boss, Lemon G., Hash Haze and Star Killer, were already out of stock. Some dispensaries, like Fishtown’s Restore Integrative Wellness Center, implemented purchase maximums on dry leaf cannabis, in its case 15 grams per week, to keep the medicine available in this form to as many patients who need it as possible. The state only allows each licensed medical dispensary to carry 15 pounds of dry leaf cannabis in stock.

The allowing of legal medical cannabis sales in flower form is bound to only increase the number of eligible patients interested in obtaining a doctor’s authorization and patronizing medical dispensaries in the state who formerly were not doing so because they were not as interested in the other legally available forms. As such, physicians recommending medical cannabis in the state could use whatever help they can get managing their growing lists of authorized medical patients and those patients’ medical records. DrGreenSoft (https://drgreensoft.com/) offers such assistance to physicians with its free Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software exclusively built for medical physicians. In addition to enabling medical doctors to create, maintain and manage patient EMRs, the software also serves as a patient portal, point of sale system, online office with smart calendar and marketing and customer relations management system.

Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program launched in the middle of February, 2018. Already, more than 32,000 patients have been certified by the PA Department of Health to purchase and use medical in the state

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16 Aug 2018

DrGreensoft Releases Special Software with Medical Doctors in Mind


(as mentioned on https://www.marketwatch.com/ ; https://finance.yahoo.com/ ; https://markets.businessinsider.com/

Easy to use and made specifically for doctors of medical, this software conveniently combines EMR, POS and other features necessary to operate a medical practice.

DrGreensoft’s new software makes managing patients easier than ever before. With all the necessary features needed to run a successful business, this software allows physicians to provide service in a professional manner, keep track of patients and employees, and improve overall medical care.

The all-in-one software includes point of sale (POS), electronic medical record keeping or emr, (EMR), customer relationship management, (CRM), has the ability to keep track of employee hours, send SMS notifications and much more. Other key features include: fast patient check out, reports and employee management, electronic medical record keeping, and a patient verification system. This software keeps everything organized and easy to manage for better care and interaction between doctor and patient.


Perfect for telemedicine practice, DrGreensoft’s new software allows the physician to provide each patient with their own personal online portal where they can request additional services, book appointments, and even have a video conference with the doctor. Physicians can sell any products and services and keep track of them in the POS suite, integarte best marketing and referral platforms, and easily keep in touch with their patients. Employees are able to clock in an out, and the software can manage multiple physicians. Performance reports provide even more control and organization.


The electronic medical record keeping system and patient verification system is cloud based and HIPAA compliant and customizable for regulation of multiple states. The online system allows for round the clock patient verification, an appointment system for your website that includes calendar integration, SMS marketing and notifications, as well as an online portal for patients. This allows physicians to track all aspects of their business, from employee hours from multiple locations, to marketing performance and patient files, while giving patients that ability to view their appointment times, renewal dates, and follow-ups. The cloud storage keeps all information safe and secure and automatically backs up.


DrGreensoft.com is now offering free version for low volume practices, no-obligation subscription for free so that customers can see if this software is right for them. Contact (408)290-5853 or visit https://drgreensoft.com/pricing-2/ for pricing info.








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13 Aug 2018

New York State Adds Opioid Replacement as an Approved Condition for Medical Cannabis; Sales Expected to Jump

In early July, 2018, the State of New York added opioid replacement to its list of approved conditions for using medical cannabis. As a result, sales of MMJ in the state are expected to increase significantly. The State Department of Health announced the emergency rule as effective immediately, authorizing the issuance of temporary ID cards in order for certified patients to access medical faster.

The decision comes as little surprise as Howard Zucker, New York Health Commissioner, announced the Commission’s intention to create this measure. At the time, Zucker presented research backing the plan demonstrating MMJ’s effectiveness reducing opioid dependency and use as well as overdose. Patients diagnosed with opioid use disorder who are participating in a certified treatment program for opioid addiction would be eligible to use medical cannabis. Additionally, patients experiencing significant pain falling short of the clinical definition for chronic pain could use medical cannabis instead of opioids to manage that pain. Already, chronic pain is listed among the qualifying conditions for using medical in New York State. The other qualifying conditions to use medical in New York are currently the following:

  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Spinal cord injury spasticity.
  • Huntington’s disease.Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Neuropathy
  • Multiple sclerosis

Before this measure was instituted, sales of medical in New York, according to the Business Factbook, were expected to reach between $50 and $70 million in 2018. This represents an increase of $10 to $50 million from the state’s 2017 MMJ earnings of $20 to $40 million. The growth of the medical industry in the state may well be higher, even, if it were not for a state ban on most types of edibles and all forms of smokable cannabis.

There are approximately 62,250 certified medical patients in New York State and approximately 1,735 medical doctors registered with the state’s medical cannabis program. To help these doctors produce, retain and manage the medical records for their medical patients are doctors software programs like drGreensoft.com. Through medical software for doctors, practitioners can create and more easily manage electronic medical records (EMR) for their patients. Some EMR software, like our drGreenSoft.com, can also be used as a Patient Verification System (PVS) that allows doctors to verify a patient’s medical card status . As one of the leading types of free software for doctors who recommend medical drGreenSoft.com is secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based and compatible with all devices. It provides all New York State medical cannabis forms and exam forms doctors need for the NY medical program as well as convenient features like scanner integration, multiple location management and a calendar or website appointment widget. It allows physicians to offer online office visits and allows patients to access a secure online portal. Data is backed up automatically and notifications and marketing messages can be produced and automatically delivered by email or SMS. Our software can even be used as a point of sale system to help doctors sell any related services or products to their medical cannabis patients.

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