Dr Michelson

This product makes it simple to verify my patients. It is very easy to use, and I’m not at all good with technology. There are so many features to this software that I haven’t even used them all yet, but overall, I have found it to be simple and easy to navigate.

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Dr. Sandi K.

had no idea how to market my services, and the fact that I have marketing tools right here—along with the patient management system—is really helpful. As one of the only doctors in my area who specializes in cannabis options, I know I need to market my services more, and this software will really help me out… thank you Dr. GreenSoft.

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Dr. Mark R.

Ever since I started using the super easy SMS notification system, my patients virtually never miss an appointment! They get a text to their phone reminding them to show up, and it has been a really big help for my schedule!

Dr Schondorf

I’ve always been concerned about internet security, so I didn’t know how I would feel about using this software. However, I was pleased to see that it complies with HIPAA regulations and they take safe data storage really seriously. I can rest assured knowing that my patients’ information is totally safe.

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Dr. Trent P.

Dr. GreenSoft has made my transition into the medical cannabis industry an easy one! When I first started offering cannabis to my patients, I was unsure of how I could manage everything, but this intuitive software makes it a piece of cake. I can focus on helping my patients without ever worrying about a thing!

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Kendra P.

Nice work, Dr. GreenSoft! This software makes my life MUCH easier. My son needs cannabis to manage his chronic condition, and thanks to Dr. GreenSoft I found a physician in my area who is helping me manage my son’s care.

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Andrew B.

My doctor recently started using Dr. GreenSoft. I am a patient whose life has been transformed by medical cannabis, and I just want to say that it’s cool to see a system that is tailored just for patients like me. I really appreciate the tools that remind me when my next appointment is.

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Dr. Amy K.

I just finished the free trial of Dr. GreenSoft and I am definitely planning to continue using it!! I found it to be very user friendly and a great way to keep track of my cannabis patients!!

Dr Archie

I have never found a software that quite did everything I needed, until I found Dr. GreenSoft… it offers literally everything all in one easy to use package, and they really understand the needs of medical cannabis therapists more than any other company I have spoken with. I talked to their customer care and they helped me get the free trial. Thank you Dr.GreenSoft… I’m sure I will continue to use your services for years to come!

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Darcy N.

It’s all online— that is the best part! As a patient, I honestly do not know what people did in the old days before you could see your appointment date and time online. I have never missed an appointment this way. Dr. GreenSoft also showed me that my medical cannabis provider is really serious about the cannabis industry and that he’s committed to providing cannabis therapy. So, so helpful.

Wesley James

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