Patient verification

Whether  its a dispensary or law enforcement the validity of the recommendation can be checked 24/7 on your website.  We protect patients privacy and our verification system is designed accordingly.

Appointments and calendar

Every account comes with an appointment widget that can be easily inserted to your website. All appointments booked will be shown in your calendar. Front desk staff can also make an appointment manually.

ID reader

Create patients profile within seconds. Just swipe an ID card or drivers license.

Scan Directly to EMR

Keeping patients files organized has never been easier.  Go to patients profile and click documents. Put paperwork into scanners feeder and click scan. It will automatically save it to EMR.

Print ID cards and MINI recs

In states where  state verification isn’t mandatory doctors can provide their patients with mini certificates and ID cards. More convenience for patients and extra revenue for doctors.

Daily signing sheet

Don’t let any transaction to slip away. Daily signing sheet is designed to keep track of every single transaction and monitor front desk activity. It shows a list of all transaction made during the day. Next to patients name it shows amount payed, under which doctor the recommendation was issued, whether medical records were uploaded, referral chosen,  email and phone number put in.


For marketing purposes it is important to keep track of where patients come from and what marketing platforms work best. All statistic is generated to monthly reports. It gives you a better judgement of what marketing platforms are worth investing and which ones are to be cut.


Easy tool to send notifications and appointment reminders to your patients both sms and email.


The software can be customized to fit differences in any state regulation.  You can also give your practice an identity by uploading a logo

Multiple location management

If you have multiple locations to manage you will be glad you got this software. It was developed according to needs of a business with multiple locations

Telemedicine Tool

Many states allow telemedicine as a healthcare tool.  Keep in touch with your patients from whenever you are. Every patient will be provided with their own portal where they can request to see the doctor for different reasons either its a change of symptoms or additional question.

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