Electronic Medical Record keeping and patient verification system

  1. Cloud based and HIPAA compliant
  2. Customizable to fit any states regulation
  3. 24/7 online patient verification
  4. Appointment system for your website + calendar integration
  5. Sell any products and services, keep track of inventory
  6. SMS/email marketing, SMS notifications
  7. Online portal for patients with telemedicine tool built in
  8. Manage multiple locations and employees.

Key Feature of our software

Fast patient check out

-swipe ID to input data, scan files directly to EMR, verify right after visit.

Boosting revenues

-sell ID cards and mini certificates, sell additional products

Marketing and Customer relationship management

-keep track of what referrals and marketing platforms work best
-keep in touch with your patients through SMS/Email

Reports and employee management

-Clock in/ clock out for employees
-Manage multiple physicians
-Reports of performance and more control for you


How to add a new patient

Create patients profile by swiping his/her ID or enter data manually. Add recommendation for a desired amount of months.

Marketing and Referrals

Expanding your business is always a great idea. We give you tools to effectively track marketing performance

Daily signing sheet

Keep track of every single transaction and check performance of front desk staff

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